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Help to manage your energy bills

We’re working with Citizens Advice to help you save energy and money at home

Worried about your energy bills? You’re not alone. Energy prices are coming down slightly, but they are still at least £1,000 more than they were before the pandemic.

You can try our trusted tips to help you use less energy and save money, and Citizens Advice is on hand to give you tailored advice in if you live in England or Wales. 

Extra support from Citizens Advice

We’re working with Citizens Advice in England and Wales to help you save energy and money at home. For free, confidential and tailored advice on everything from taking a meter reading to what to do if your supplier goes bust, Citizens Advice can help.

  1. Find out what to do if you’re struggling to pay your energy bills.
  2. Check what grants and benefits are available to help you pay your energy bills.
  3. Get in touch with Citizens Advice for support.

Check if you can get financial help

Financial support from the UK Government for most households towards energy bill ended in March this year. 

But check out our funding page to find out if you could still be eligible for help.

Last updated: 20 December 2023