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Exploring the potential of digital building logbooks to achieve climate neutrality.

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Demo-BLog is a four-year project that will explore the potential of digital building logbooks (DBLs).  

The aim is to see if DBLs will make it easier to decarbonise buildings in Europe by giving property owners better access to information about their property and how to make them more energy efficient.  

The projects will demonstrate how DBLs can be adapted to include useful information and advice on what we need to do to make the buildings we live and work in more energy efficient.

Demo-Blog is an EU-funded project under the Horizon 2020 framework. The project started in January 2023.

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What is a digital building logbook? 

A digital building logbook (DBL) is an information tool that keeps all a building’s data in one place.  

Not having a central storage system for all building data has resulted in:  

  • additional costs and inefficiencies  
  • stifled innovation  
  • increased risk 
  • low investor confidence  

DBLs can solve these problems. They make building data easily available and encourage data transparency so that anyone involved with the building can easily make decisions when it comes to improvements or upgrades.  

This includes: 

  • property owners  
  • tenants  
  • investors 
  • financial institutions 
  • public administrations   

DBLs can also play a big role in Europe’s transition to a climate-neutral building stock, which is in line with the 2050 climate target.

Demo-BLog: driving net-zero carbon building and renovation

Demo-BLog aims to establish DBLs as a central tool to drive net-zero carbon building design, construction, management and renovation.  

A decision support tool will be developed and integrated into DBLs to help local projects and initiatives identify sustainable solutions. DBLs will let them monitor and evaluate the progress of climate and energy actions brought in by local governments. 

 To achieve this, Demo-BLog will:  

  • Further develop five existing DBLs in Europe and help them achieve decarbonisation for the European building stock. 
  • Improve DBLs in terms of data generation, management and governance and identify how to address important data gaps. 
  • Make it easier to access logbook information to improve user experience. 
  • Bring DBLs to the market and encourage uptake.    
    The project is a four-year collaborative effort between academia, think-tanks and industry professionals at the leading edge of the built environment.  

Be on the lookout for updates on the project and join the conversation on DBLs and centralised data repositories by following the hashtag #DBLupdates on social media.  

Our work in the UK

Energy Saving Trust will work with Chimni, Trust Mark and Solstice Associates to develop a building logbook which draws data from relevant sources and provides consumers with easily accessible advice on how they can improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

Logo for Chimini

Chimni is a homeowner facing digital property logbook for residential property in the UK. It enables a homeowner to keep data and document records of property transactions, building work, certification and maintenance. Chimni logbooks connect to permanent data sources like the Land Registry, Local Authorities, and certification bodies as well as offering the potential to set up temporary connections to estate agents, conveyancers and other property professionals.

Last updated: 6 September 2023