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Report 1 February 2018

At home with water

In this study, ‘At Home with Water 2’, we seek an in-depth understanding of domestic water consumption. We investigate the key areas for action identified in the first report and we focus on insight and experience received directly from householders. In particular the aim was to:

  • investigate the reliability of self-reported survey data, by comparing perceived and observed water-use behaviours
  • listen to the preferences and priorities of households to identify potential areas for water efficiency intervention, and the barriers to this
  • understand the perceptions of householders of their water consumption, to inform effective messaging

This study collects detailed information from a small sample in a single location, and as such results should be treated with caution. The findings presented here cannot be taken as a statistically robust representation of UK households, but they do provide qualitative insight into the types of behaviours and perceptions encountered when we engage the public in conversations about their water use.

Last updated: 19 November 2020