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Report 19 December 2021

Our response to DAERA’s draft Green Growth Strategy consultation

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Please note that this page contains information and links most relevant for people living in Northern Ireland.

A comprehensive consultation from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) on the draft Green Growth Strategy on behalf of the Northern Ireland Executive. It provides a vitally important opportunity to embed wider climate change, a green economy and environmental considerations into decision making.

The consultation included proposals on balancing climate, environment, and green jobs through establishing nine key principles. The consultation also considers whether specific targets are required for each sector, the process of a just transition, effective communication and the methods for measuring success.

In our response, we agreed with the principles established and discussed the importance of offering a wide range of financial support schemes and incentives to suit all consumers and their needs. We highlighted the need for a just transition and provided a range of indicators which could be used for measuring success.

Last updated: 28 February 2022