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Report 21 January 2022

Our response to phasing out fossil fuel heating in homes off the gas grid consultation

A comprehensive consultation from the Department on Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) on the proposed phase out of fossil fuel heating systems, such as oil, coal and liquid petroleum gas (LPG), in homes currently off the gas grid.

The consultation included proposals on the end to the installation of fossil fuel heating in homes off the gas grid from 2026, taking a ‘heat pump first’ approach to replacement heating systems from 2026 and requiring high performing replacement heating systems where heat pumps cannot reasonably be installed. The consultation also considers a potential back stop date to end the use of fossil fuel heating in all homes off the gas grid, as well as the current financial and non-financial barriers facing heat pump deployment.

In our response, we discussed the importance of offering a wide range of financial support schemes and incentives to suit all consumers and their needs, including low-income households and the self-funded sector. Funding and incentives should be available to cover both the upfront costs of heat pumps and the energy efficiency measures which will help save households money on their energy bills as well as decreasing their carbon emissions.

We also highlighted the value of an impartial advice and support service to help accelerate the changes people need to make in their homes, which we believe should be seen as a key part of the UK Government’s net zero infrastructure because of the positive impact this would have in accelerating adoption of low carbon heat and lowering costs.

Last updated: 21 January 2022