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Report 2 February 2023

Features and recommendations for the next generation of EPCs

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), which give buildings a rating from A (very efficient) to G (inefficient), have been useful in helping us understand how energy efficient our homes and businesses are.

As the need to renovate the UK’s ageing housing stock and reduce carbon emissions from buildings becomes more pressing because of net zero targets, there’s interest in the UK and Europe in how EPCs could play a stronger role in encouraging renovations to make building more energy efficient.  

The X-tendo project set out to find ways that EPCs could be improved by piloting new ideas in real life settings and making evidence-backed recommendations on how EPC schemes can be improved.

The project started with 10 ideas. Working with leading academics and analysts, these were developed into calculation methodologies, assessment approaches and IT integration projects. The project looked at exactly how these ideas could be implemented.

This report gives an overview of the 10 new ideas that were trialled through the X-tendo project. It explains how they could shape EPCs in the future and what benefits they could bring to consumers and EPC scheme administrators.

Last updated: 2 February 2023