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  1. Home Energy Scotland Loan
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Please note that this page contains information and links most relevant for people living in Scotland.

Energy Saving Trust helps consumers and businesses access funding to make energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy additions to their properties and business premises.

Each funding scheme has its own set of contractor requirements, which must be met for the project to be funded.

Home Energy Scotland Loan

Interest-free funding for home-owners in Scotland to make energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy additions to their property.

Watch the webinar to find out what’s involved for your customers and the new cashback incentive for 2021. You can also read the FAQ document.

To give businesses more information on the Home Energy Scotland Loan and what it means for your customers, Energy Saving Trust recently held a webinar which was recorded and is available to watch here.

The webinar covered:

  • The Home Energy Scotland Loan in depth, focussing on the process involved for your customers.
  • The new cashback incentive recently announced by Scottish Government, and what it might mean for your sector.

Home Energy Scotland Loan offers are now valid for 6 months instead of the 12 months that were previously allowed to account for Covid-19 restrictions.

You can find the answers to the questions raised during the webinar in our FAQ document.

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Workman replacing old attic mineral wool insulation.

SME Loan

Loans available to businesses to finance the installation of energy and carbon-saving upgrades.

Below is a list of more funding and loan schemes available in Scotland. Each section includes the target audience, available funding and key contractor requirements. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it does cover the largest and most widely available schemes.

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Last updated: 16 June 2022