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Research and data

Evaluation services

We are experts in reporting the impact of carbon reduction programmes.

Our independent and specialist evaluation team has over 40 years’ experience of monitoring and evaluating carbon reduction programmes and policies.

We specialise in evaluating your consumer and business initiatives, covering a wide range of environmental activities such as energy efficiency, renewable technologies, water, waste and transport.

Verification and benchmarking of results

We can provide you with a clear means of demonstrating your evaluation methods, results generated and environmental claims by verifying the savings data used and benchmarking the evaluation results.

Evidence of impact and benefits

Whether reporting against targets or communicating benefits to customers, we can provide you with an assessment of the impact and benefits of your carbon reduction activities. We combine our evaluation skills and sustainable energy knowledge to quantify impacts such as behaviour change, installed energy efficiency measures or product choices and calculate energy, carbon dioxide and financial savings.

Customer research

We can give you an understanding of the market through stakeholder research, user requirements and literature reviews. Obtaining information for consultations to ensure feedback is obtained from the wider population – including research with hard to reach and vulnerable customers.

Customer satisfaction and experience

We help you to track customer satisfaction, acquisition and retention as a result of your carbon reduction activities.

Tools to help you monitor and evaluate

We work with you to develop bespoke tools and templates so you can carry out monitoring and evaluation in-house. We also help create surveys and frameworks to collect and analyse impact data.

Evaluation design and delivery

We deliver evaluations from impact assessments to process reviews and offer the full range of quantitative and qualitative research. We have extensive knowledge of measuring energy efficiency and behaviour change programmes and our skilled researchers have experience in carrying out large scale consumer surveys and in-depth stakeholder qualitative research.

We can help you with specific elements of your evaluation or carry out full independent assessments of the impact of your activities.

Understanding added value

We are specialised at attributing impact and determining added value as a result of your initiatives and provide you with an understanding of return on investment and cost effectiveness.

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Recent projects

Some of the recent projects completed by our evaluation team include:

  • Home Energy Scotland advice centre evaluation – On behalf of Scottish Government the team is surveying 2,000 consumers a year to understand the impact of advice on their behaviour and actions taken to install energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.
  • Greater London Authority Warmer Homes Scheme – the team conduct telephone interviews, across a sample of homes involved in the scheme, with consumers that received measures installed through the Warmer Homes scheme – allowing an understanding the impact of the measures installed and satisfaction with the advice received.
  • Scottish Government consultations – The team obtained feedback from consumers on a range of Scottish Government consultations to enable an understanding of what the consumer impact of proposed changes would have – eg minimum energy efficiency standards for owner occupiers, enhanced heating regimes and the impact on vulnerable households.

Last updated: 21 December 2021