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Communications and insight


Knowing the different demographics of your customers and how they think about energy, is an important step towards understanding how to communicate with them.

Boost your communications with relevant and useful energy-saving facts and tips that can be quickly implemented. This can encourage householders to think about their energy use, habits and improvements to their homes – including your products and services.


What is Infact?

Our Infact savings and statistics bulletin is designed to help you easily integrate domestic home energy facts and statistics into your communications, as well as provide your team with a range of relevant low- and no-cost energy saving advice.

By subscribing, you get instant access to up-to-date, consumer-ready energy saving facts and verified data for you to use in your own marketing.


What are the features? 

  • easy to reference facts, figures and statistics for use in your communications
  • a rich combination of insights, including policy insights and key aspects of household energy use
  • verified, approved and put together by trusted energy experts

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Further support

If you’re looking for further support to maximise the effectiveness, engagement and reach of your marketing campaigns, see our other services.


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Why work with Energy Saving Trust?

At Energy Saving Trust we make it our business to understand how consumers use energy, leveraging over 25 years’ experience of motivating action and inspiring behaviour change.

We continually update our facts and figures, and develop new insights into energy use, attitudes and behaviours, backed up by authoritative research, evidence and compelling analysis.

By using Infact, you’ll be able to quickly and conveniently create tailored internal and external energy-saving information campaigns with its ready-made messaging.

Last updated: 10 May 2022