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Plan and Act: net zero strategy

The first step on your net zero journey is to measure and establish your organisation’s baseline greenhouse gas emissions.  

With these calculations and targets in place, it’s time to Plan and Act. 

We can support you to take the next steps toward building a net zero business and help you to: 

  • Develop a plan to reduce your emissions. 
  • Communicate your net zero commitment to investors, employees and customers. 

Why Plan and Act to reduce your emissions?

Beyond following legislation and supporting the UK to meet its net zero targets, you’ll be putting your business in a strong position for the future, too. 

How to reduce your organisation’s emissions

Through our Measure Plan Act model, we can guide your business through any or every stage of your net zero pathway. You’ll get support with planning, implementation and evaluation for your business operations or transport fleet. 

Step one: Measure  

Measure your emissions.  

Step two: Plan  

After measuring your emissions, you need to develop your organisation’s strategic plan to establish your science-based targets in alignment with the Paris Agreement and the actions you’ll take to achieve them.  

Step three: Act  

The third step will be to start following your plan and reducing your emissions in line with your targets.  

Part of this will be continuing to monitor and evaluate your sustainability and carbon reduction activities so you can: 

  • Change benchmarks if you need to and understand how you’re meeting your goals and objectives. 
  • Show the impact of your carbon reduction activities and calculate the energy, carbon dioxide and financial savings. 
  • Identify the largest carbon contributors and areas for improvement and create a longer-term net zero goal. 
  • Confidently communicate your net zero actions to investors, employees and customers. 
  • Show measurable targets and clear plans for reducing emissions. 

Why choose Energy Saving Trust?

We’re experts when it comes to energy efficiency and transport. We have the skills and knowledge to support your corporate net zero plans – whether that’s creating a strategy for your business, implementing practical actions, or communicating your sustainability activities with employees and customers. 

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Our carbon accounting and net zero strategy experts will support you every step of the way on your net zero journey.

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Last updated: 20 December 2023