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Freight and retrofit

Non-road mobile machinery certification

Our independent certification for non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) is the only one of its kind in the UK.

It certifies the emissions reduction systems that can be retrofitted to NRMM (or construction machinery) to allow them to be used in areas which have emissions restrictions.

Gaining NRMM certification offers the assurance that your retrofit equipment meets the requirements of local authority air quality policy or the environmental requirements of certain development and construction projects, such as Crossrail and HS2. This makes your equipment highly desirable to buyers of retrofit equipment and enforcement authorities responsible for checking compliance on such projects.

Our Energy Saving Trust Endorsed Product brandmark visibly identifies all Energy Saving Trust certified systems, so buyers and enforcement authorities can use the Energy Saving Trust Register to choose a system or check that a system is compliant.

Examples of NRMM include:

  • excavators
  • bulldozers
  • generators
  • forklifts
  • mobile cranes

Download our NRMM company application form and NRMM product application form.

Download our NRMM Retrofit Accreditation Scheme Technical Requirements document.

Download a full list of approved manufacturers and devices.

What are the additional benefits of NRMM certification?

  • Increased awareness of your equipment and potential for increased sales (all NRMM-certified products are promoted to supply chain and construction professionals via the Energy Saving Trust Register).
  • Assurance for buyers and enforcement authorities on the energy performance of products – use of the Energy Saving Trust Endorsed Product brandmark in your marketing demonstrates that retrofit equipment has been checked by a specialist energy organisation.
  • Competitive advantage gained by having your systems quality assured by a trusted third party.
  • Potential for increased loyalty from buyers and referrals from authorities as you show commitment to environmental awareness and sustainability.

*Energy Saving Trust Register has over 6,700 monthly visitors.

NRMM RAS approved companies and emission reduction systems

This listing contains details of companies and their systems approved under the scheme requirements, along with their contact information (where available) and the categories of NRMM engine to which their systems can be applied in order to make the piece of NRMM compliant with Local Authority regulations such as the GLA’s LEZ for NRMM.

Want to find out more about NRMM certification?

Call 020 7654 2424 to tell us about your retrofit systems and equipment, or email our team.

Last updated: 7 July 2022