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Zero emission vehicle repower accreditation scheme (ZEVRAS)

The zero emission vehicle repower accreditation scheme (ZEVRAS) aims to help the transition to zero emission buses and coaches in the UK. The scheme raises the standard of converting petrol and diesel vehicles to a zero emission alternative, by converting them to use an electric battery. This process is also known as repowering. 

Manufacturers of zero emission repowered systems must get approved by ZEVRAS before the kit they use to convert the vehicle can be added to list of approved devices. 


The zero emission vehicle repower accreditation scheme (ZEVRAS) helps bus or coach operators to: 

  • Get a higher standard of repower conversion, including an energy efficiency test, battery testing and zero emission heating. 
  • Become eligible to claim the zero emission bus (ZEB) incentive from the Department for Transport’s bus service operators grant in England (£0.22/km). 
  • enter clean air zones free of charge with repowered coaches and buses  
  • Transition to zero emission vehicles while investing in the residual value of an existing fleet. The residual value of a vehicle is an estimate of how much it’ll be worth when the lease term ends. Now, zero emission vehicles have a higher residual value than their petrol and diesel alternatives.  

ZEVRAS register

The ZEVRAS register contains the approved companies and associated zero emission products based on vehicle make and model.  

Getting ZEVRAS approved

Manufacturers must get approved by ZEVRAS before they can be added to the list of approved devices available to vehicle and CAZ scheme operators. 

Manufacturers will need to have quality management systems (for example ISO 9001), adequate insurance cover, and comprehensive warranty provision to get approved.  


Apply now:  

Fill in the below documents and email all three documents (including forms and associated supporting evidence) to 


Additional Information 

Last updated: 2 February 2024