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Solar panel calculator

Use our solar panel calculator to get an idea of how much you could save by installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system at home.

Use the calculator


Based on the information you provide, the solar panel calculator will estimate:

  • What size solar panel system is right for you.
  • How much you could save on your electricity bills.
  • How much could you lower your carbon emissions by.

You can use the results of this calculator to speak to a solar panel installer, who can give you more tailored advice on your solar panel setup.

For more information on solar panels, read our solar panel guide.

When you get your results, you can download them as a PDF for future reference. You can also register an account to save your results and come back to them later.

This solar energy calculator estimates potential payments from a Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). The SEG was introduced in 2020 and requires energy suppliers to offer tariffs for the electricity you export to the grid.

This isn’t automatic, so you’ll need to sign up to the tariff to receive payments.

There are a range of tariffs available for this. Deals may be time limited or have other conditions that you should consider carefully before agreeing to a specific tariff.

Solar Energy UK regularly publishes a league table for the best export tariffs available. We encourage you shop around for the best rate for your circumstances.

Find out how much you could save by installing a solar panel system

Last updated: 20 February 2024