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Blog Post 29 April 2022 Updated 8 March 2024

Top tips to save energy and money in the bathroom

When most of us think of the bathroom, we might not think of it as a room in the home that uses a lot of energy.

But did you know that our water use at home contributes to our energy bills and our household carbon emissions?

Saving water can not only reduce your water bill (if you’re on a water meter), but it can also reduce your energy bills and your impact on the environment. Read on for our top tips to help you save in the bathroom.

  • 01

    Change your shower head

    If an average family replaced their inefficient shower head with a water efficient one, they could save around £25 on their gas bills and around £35 on their water bills (if they have a water meter) each year. That’s a total saving of around £60.

  • 02

    Four-minute shower timer

    Shortening the time that you spend in the shower will reduce the volume of water that goes down the drain, as well as saving you money on the energy used to heat the water. Keeping your shower time to just 4 minutes could save a typical household* £55 a year on their bills – and an extra £76 on their water bill, if metered.

  • 03

    Snub the tub

    Some of us might enjoy a long soak in the bath, but swapping just one bath a week with a 4-minute shower could save you £9 a year on your energy bills – and an extra £13 on your water bills too!

  • 04

    Turn off the tap

    A running tap can use more than 10 litres of water a minute, so turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, shaving, or washing your face. Use cold water if you don’t need hot.

  • 05

    Fix that drip

    A dripping tap can waste thousands of litres of water a year, so make sure your taps are properly turned off and change washers promptly when taps start to drip.

  • 06

    Fit a tap aerator

    Consider fitting a tap aerator to reduce the amount of water without affecting the wash or rinse effect. It’s a small gadget with tiny holes that attaches to the spout – it could save you £19 a year on energy bills, plus an additional £17 on water bills if you’re on a meter.

  • 07

    Get a cistern displacement device

    These devices can be popped into your toilet cistern – when you flush, the device inflates, saving you around 1-2 litres every time you flush.

  • 08

    Use cold water if you can

    Did you know that heating water for use in our homes makes up about 12% of a typical gas-heated household’s energy bills? Try washing your hands and face in cold water if you can.

  • 09

    Swap to LED lights

    If your bathroom light needs changing, replace it with an LED bulb. Across an average house, replacing old light bulbs with energy efficient LEDs could save £40 a year.

*Typical household based on 2.39 persons.

Last updated: 8 March 2024