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News 22 November 2021 Updated 25 November 2021

UK Government announces law to install electric vehicle charge points from 2022

From 2022 new homes, supermarkets, workplaces and buildings in England undergoing major renovations will be required by law to install electric vehicle charging points.

Speaking at the Confederation of British Industry’s conference this morning, Monday 22 November, Boris Johnson said the move will see up to 145,000 charging points installed across the country each year. This commitment comes as government looks forward to the ban on the sale of new fossil fuel vehicles in 2030.

Tim Anderson, Group Head of Transport, Energy Saving Trust, commented: “We support the important announcement made today by Boris Johnson that electric vehicle charging points will become a standard from 2022 in new homes, supermarkets and workplaces. This is a pivotal moment in the decarbonisation of transport and a significant step towards ensuring charging infrastructure is accessible for all. Today’s pledge demonstrates the government’s commitment to build on the ambition of the Transport Decarbonisation Plan and pledges made at COP26.

“Through our work in partnership with UK government to support the transition to a low carbon society, Energy Saving Trust continue to drive the low carbon transport agenda and are dedicated to ensuring a fair transition for all across the UK. There is significant work to be done to turn this ambition into action, and we remain committed to making change a reality in the coming months and years.”

For more information on electric vehicles, visit our explainer page.


Last updated: 25 November 2021