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Make a complaint

Something not right?

We strive to provide the utmost care and satisfaction to our customers. But we understand that sometimes customers may be dissatisfied with the services we provide and wish to provide feedback or make a complaint.

Our staff are supportive and keen to help make things better. If we’re aware of any issues, it gives us a chance to make improvements for you and other customers.  

We believe that our customers have the right to be heard, understood, and respected. We’ll do all we can to try and resolve a complaint. We will:  

  • Aim to acknowledge receipt of your complaint within two working days. 
  • Work with you to understand what went wrong.  
  • Look for ways to correct any wrongs.  
  • Explain possible solutions, what we’ve done and what happens next.  
  • Be clear about what we can do to meet expectations and address any concerns.  
  • Be clear what falls within our remit as an organisation or signpost when a partner can better assist.   
  • Aim to reach a mutually acceptable solution as quickly as we can, within two to five working days. We’ll keep you updated along the way and let you know if more time may be needed to fix your issue.  
  • Deal fairly, honestly, consistently, and appropriately with all customers.  For more information, please see our ‘treating customers fairly statement.  

How long do I have to make a complaint? 

Normally, you must make your complaint within six months of: 

  • The event you want to complain about 
  • Finding out that you have a reason to complain, but no longer than 12 months after the event itself. 

Who to contact

For energy advice or loan programmes, contact your relevant programme. That helps complaints to go to the right place first time:

Programme Phone number Contact
Nest 0808 8082244
Home Energy Scotland 0808 808 2282 Home Energy Scotland contact page
Loans and grants 0808 108 9414 

Energy Advice London 0808 1968260 Contact form (allow five days for a response)
Home upgrade scheme 08081968255 

Otherwise, you can use our contact form, or get in touch with your local office.

Please note, these offices don’t provide advice. 

What information we need

No matter how you get in touch with us, we ask that you provide us with: 

  • Your contact details. This is so we can access your customer record or contact you back. 
  • Your account number (if applicable). 
  • Background information to help us understand the issue.  
  • The impact the issue is having on you. 
  • Your preferred resolution. 

Using this information, if we can fix this immediately, we will. If we can’t resolve it right away, we’ll give you a time frame in which we’ll work to get your issue fixed. 

Our staff are fully trained in the complaints handing procedure. 

How do I take my complaint further? 

Our teams will escalate your complaint if needed and, if relevant, advise you of the applicable contact for appeals.  

Loan finance complaints

You have the right to take your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). You can find a complaint form on the FOS website. If you’d prefer to talk it through with someone, you can call on 0800 023 4567

Respect for our people

At Energy Saving Trust we’re committed to providing world-class customer service and treating you fairly.

We value the health and wellbeing of our people as well as the satisfaction of our consumers and clients. We also believe that all customers and colleagues have the right to be heard, understood, and respected.

Every day our expert advisors and teams work hard to provide a fair, clear and transparent service and to reach positive outcomes for all.   

We aim to:    

  • Deal fairly, honestly, consistently, and appropriately with all customers. 
  • Make it clear to everyone what we can do to support you and to meet your expectations. 
  • Actively listen and work hard to address any concerns. 
  • Establish what falls within our remit as an organisation. 
  • Be open and avoid raising expectations that we are unable to meet. 
  • Provide a service that’s inclusive and accessible to all. 
  • Ensure our colleagues, and people who use the services of Energy Saving Trust, don’t suffer any disadvantage or distress due to the unacceptable behaviour of others. 

What we expect from you:  

  • Give us the correct information at the right time. 
  • Tell us when something changes. 
  • Treat our staff with respect. 

We understand sometimes that energy issues can be worrying or that processes can be frustrating. Please remember that our team are human, just like you. 

Treating people with kindness means everything to us but sometimes words and actions can have real impacts. 

We believe that the following is unreasonable behaviour, and our zero-tolerance policy covers:  

  • aggression 
  • abuse and/or abusive language  
  • violence  
  • threats  
  • harassment 

Colleagues are encouraged to report all such incidents when they happen so that immediate and appropriate action can be taken by management. 

If you don’t respect our people, we could:  

  • terminate your call 
  • communicate to you in writing only 
  • assign only a designated member of staff to support you 
  • discontinue services 
  • report serious threats to the police 

Energy Saving Trust Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Reference Number 716195). 

Last updated: 3 April 2024