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Blog Post 30 September 2021

Bike to School Week: cycle training and cargo bikes

For Bike to School Week, we’ve been sharing our top tips to help everyone get ready to ride safely, at the same time as having some fun!

You can find out more about the week in our blog here, or check out some more top tips (including how to stay safe on the road) here.

Read on for our last two cycle to school tips for the week…


Boost your confidence with cycle training

Bike to School Week supporter the Bikeability Trust runs training courses on cycling proficiency across England. Click on your nation below to find out more about bikeability courses where you live.

Cycling training teaches children – and adults – valuable skills to help keep everyone safe on the road, from getting your bike ready to ride to negotiating hazards like traffic lights and roundabouts.


Try using a cargo (or ecargo) bike

Parents with young children can be put off cycling to school as space on a regular bicycle can be fairly limited. However, families up and down the country are increasingly using cargo and electric cargo (ecargo) bikes as an alternative to cars.

Cargo bikes can improve family wellbeing, and many have space to carry up to three children – so there’s room for everyone! What’s more, the large loading capacity of a cargo bike also allows families to do their local food shop in a much greener way.

Find out more about the benefits of ecargo bikes in our blog.

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