How to insulate your home and save money with our energy saving champion Peter Tuson

28 July 2022

We spoke to retired engineer Peter Tuson about the improvements he's made to his home, which have reduced his energy consumption and…

What is Passivhaus? The gold standard in energy efficiency

22 July 2022

Ever heard the term Passivhaus? We find out how Passivhaus buildings work and consider how to use the principles in your own…

What is climate change?

15 July 2022

Extreme weather events can have severe impacts, and pose an increasing threat as climate changes. But what is climate change and why…

Influencing policy to drive positive outcomes

13 July 2022

Our vital work to help shape energy policy at the highest levels delivers real world benefits to homes, businesses and communities, both…

Going further and faster to decarbonise heating

13 July 2022

Carbon emissions from heating and hot water account for almost one fifth of the UK’s total greenhouse gas inventory. No wonder the…

Driving infrastructure, supporting businesses

13 July 2022

Having the right infrastructure in place is paramount if we’re to equip businesses to help themselves and their customers make better choices…

Taking bold steps internally to realise our goals

13 July 2022

Roll-out of our net zero strategy against a backdrop of cultural transformation means our people and operations are increasingly aligned with, and…

Extending our reach, increasing our impact

13 July 2022

Expanded regional support initiatives coupled with carefully focused marketing activity will help hard-pressed households across the UK save energy and money at…

How to improve your EPC rating

12 July 2022

We guide you through how to make energy efficient home improvements to improve your home’s EPC rating and save you money.

Looking for energy efficiency support for your business?

11 July 2022

Identify what energy policies your organisation has in place and whether it’s following government guidance and carry out an energy audit to…