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Independent verification

We no longer provide product endorsement or verification of individual product performance.

However, to support energy awareness consumer campaigns, we can provide verification for a group of products in a category.

We can collect, assess and verify the energy saving potential of different product models (in the same category) for industry-wide organisations, a group of manufacturers or trade associations.

We offer a Verified service for:

  • Information used from Infact* and any of our energy insights
  • Product ‘types’ and services that meet specific criteria and align with our mission to raise awareness of energy efficiency, increase knowledge and insight.

By using our Verified service, you’ll have access to the Energy Saving Trust Verified brandmark for use on your marketing materials, website, literature and packaging to highlight that your data or content has been independently verified by our experts.

*Infact is our energy savings and statistics bulletin. These verified domestic home energy facts and statistics are ready for you to use in your communications so you can help your customers with a range of relevant low- and no-cost energy saving advice.

Infact data can encourage householders to think about their energy use, habits and improvements to their homes, including your products and services.

Why choose us?

  • Verification from a trusted and recognised source will give credibility to your marketing communications.
  • Build trust and confidence with your consumers and help them to make informed purchasing decisions.

As a Verified client, you will receive our monthly newsletter, which includes energy policy updates, news and information.

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For details about the criteria that needs to be met and to find out more about performance verification or insights for a product category, please contact our team.

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Last updated: 21 March 2024