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There are many ways to make your transport more sustainable, cut travel costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Our expert and independent advice can help local authorities, fleets, private hire, delivery, logistics and businesses of all sizes reduce transport costs and lower emissions, helping to meet carbon reduction commitments.  This includes cars, vans, trucks, lorries, buses, cargo bikes, powered light vehicles and more.

Keep reading to get the advice and support you need to get started on your journey and get financial support where available.

Grants and loans

We manage transport grants and loans available to businesses, organisations and local authorities across the UK.

Local authorities

We work in partnership with local authorities across the UK providing advice, help and funding.

Electric car and van advice for SMEs

We offer free, expert advice to small and medium enterprises to support the transition of your cars and vans to electric.

Advice for large fleets

We offer transport support and information to organisations in the UK, helping them reduce emissions and costs.

Freight and retrofit

We provide advice and support to businesses looking to make their freight fleets more efficient and introduce electric vans and ecargo bikes.

Taxis and private hire

We can offer help for local authorities looking to reduce emissions from their local taxi and private hire vehicle fleet.

Efficient driving

How to change the way you drive to reduce fuel bills, cut carbon emissions and lower accident rates.

Travel in the community

At Energy Saving Trust, we support a range of different sustainable travel programmes aimed at helping communities travel better.

Looking for low carbon travel advice?

We offer advice and financial support to help you reduce your carbon emissions when travelling.

Low carbon travel

Latest news

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£185 million of LEVI chargepoint funding awarded to local authorities across England

18 March 2024

The LEVI fund has announced the latest funding allocation to support the delivery of EV chargepoints in local authorities across England.

First local authorities to receive LEVI funding for on-street EV chargepoints

5 February 2024

Five local authorities in England have been approved for payments to develop EV chargepoint infrastructure through the UK Government’s LEVI fund.

New electric vehicle infrastructure training course launched for local authority officers

15 November 2023

New course will upskill local authority officers in electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure knowledge to support the deployment of public EV chargepoints.

Local authorities are invited to apply to stage two of the local electric vehicle infrastructure fund

7 September 2023

Stage two of the UK Government's local electric vehicle infrastructure (LEVI) fund is now live. Local authorities are invited to complete their…

Last updated: 20 April 2023