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Warm home hacks

Looking for ways to stay warm and save money on your energy bills this winter?

With typical energy bills almost doubling since this time last year, we’re here to help you stay warm, save energy and save money.*  

Join millions of people already using our trusted advice and information. It’s easier than you might think.

Keep scrolling to download our warm home hacks guide or to tour our energy saving house.  

Download our full warm home hacks guide

Get ready for winter now and download your guide to staying warm and saving money.

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More money saving tips

Save an extra £564 on your energy bills with some more simple actions today.

*All savings are based on a three-bedroom semi-detached gas heated home in England, Scotland or Wales with a gas price at 10.3p/kWh and electricity price at 34p/kWh. Find out about energy efficiency in Northern Ireland here.

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