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Case study


Providing verified information and a trusted voice for Cadent and its consumers.

The challenge

Cadent is a gas distribution network responsible for the pipelines that bring gas into customers’ homes. Besides this core work, which involves network maintenance, Cadent also provides safeguarding services through the Vulnerability and Carbon Monoxide allowance. This funding, available through Ofgem, helps support vulnerable consumers to stay safe and warm by providing energy advice and referrals or direct access to energy safeguarding measures. The service also raises life-saving awareness around carbon monoxide safety.

The cost of living crisis has created many challenges, particularly for the most vulnerable members of society. Tackling affordability and fuel poverty is a key priority for Cadent. It decided to work with us to assist with the development of its dedicated energy efficiency campaign: ‘A little energy can save a lot’. The campaign involves sharing practical energy saving advice with consumers to make significant savings through simple actions. Examples include turning down the thermostat and switching off lights.

To support the campaign, Cadent needed a trusted voice and well-researched and verified information. With so much energy advice content available online, it can be difficult to find information that is up to date and data driven. Providing this is particularly important to Cadent, given the vulnerability of some of its target audience.

The solution

Using our ‘Verified’ service and Infact statistics bulletin, Cadent has a regular supply of trusted information to share with its customers. This information in the bulletin is updated quarterly to correspond with any changes that happen with Ofgem and the UK energy market. This provides a guarantee to Cadent that the information it shares with its audiences is correct.


Cadent is now able to go beyond its core safeguarding work to support its customers to save energy. It is continuing to work with us to bring this messaging online.

Client testimonial

Speaking on behalf of Cadent, Merryn O’Connor, communications advisor – vulnerability and social impact, said:

“People don’t necessarily know who we are. They see our vans about, but they’re not sure what we do. For us, Energy Saving Trust is the trusted voice. We know we can share information with our customers and know that the savings our customers can make, by making small changes at home, are accurate. It adds that extra authenticity to our campaign.”

Last updated: 1 May 2024