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Case study

e.surv Chartered Surveyors

e.surv used our data and insights in its HomePlus digital survey to offer customers advice on reducing carbon emissions and energy costs.

Carrying out over 15,000 home surveys each year, e.surv Chartered Surveyors is one of the UK’s largest providers of residential property risk expertise and residential surveying services. Through its HomePlus service, it has positioned itself as a one-stop shop for all things property.

The challenge

The new RICS Home Survey Standard came into effect in 2019. This allowed for greater flexibility in how residential home survey services are designed and delivered.

At the same time, market research carried out by e.surv in 2020 found that buyers wanted extra information in property surveys. This included details of:

  • How much it’s going to cost to run a property.
  • Which home improvements will result in cheaper running costs.
  • How to improve the energy performance certificate (EPC) rating of a property.

The solution

In response to these factors, e.surv identified an opportunity to differentiate its proposition and developed HomePlus, a digital home survey for buyers.

HomePlus reports are more detailed than before, with annotated photographs and access to additional information. By working with third parties, the report also includes neighbourhood information, estimated costs of any required remedial action and connects buyers to trusted tradespeople.

Buyers can also see where surveyors have found any discrepancies from the current EPC certificate.

Providing a green solution was a key part of the new proposition. e.surv recognised an opportunity to include home energy efficiency guidance in its service and contacted us in 2021 to see how we could help.

We provided e.surv with data and insights from our bespoke Home Energy Efficiency Tool, a digital tool that uses our market leading calculation engine to give tailored energy efficiency advice.

Jamie Browne, our senior business development manager, said: “The HomePlus survey is easy to use and uses the latest, trusted and verified savings data. Customers can discover optimum energy saving solutions to suit their budget and understand the potential bill savings to be made from implementing home upgrades. It also provides potential carbon savings and shows how a customer can improve the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of their property.”

The result

The HomePlus Digital Home Survey launched in early 2022.

HomePlus helps home buyers understand the condition of the home they are looking to purchase and get guidance about any likely repairs. It means customers won’t discover costly and unexpected repairs after purchase.

Thanks to e.surv’s collaboration with our energy expertise and data, the report also offers advice on how to reduce the property’s carbon emissions and energy costs.

Using information provided by the surveyor, customers answer a few simple questions about the property. They then get a personalised report and an action plan to improve energy efficiency.

Mark Goodfellow, head of product at e.surv, said:

“Energy Saving Trust’s Home Energy Efficiency Tool is now an integral part of our HomePlus Digital Home Report. Our digitally interactive report not only helps home buyers understand the condition of the property but provides additional guidance on how to improve energy performance and help lower energy bills.”

What’s next?

e.surv expects there will be more demand for its direct-to-consumer services and energy efficiency guidance will become a key part of home surveys going forward.

See how we can help you to support your customers with energy efficiency advice.

Last updated: 7 May 2024