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Home Energy Efficiency Tool

Offer your customers a range of engaging and tailored energy efficiency advice with the Home Energy Efficiency Tool.

If you want to add value to your brand and provide customers with actionable recommendations to improve their homes’ energy efficiency, then look no further.

Combining an intuitive interface with our market leading calculation engine, the Home Energy Efficiency Tool is simple to use and backed by the latest data.

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Key features

  • Available as a digital tool for your website or an API with a unique interface.
  • Easy to use with up-to-date trusted and verified savings data.
  • Provides optimum energy saving solutions to suit the customer’s budget.
  • Provides the customer potential monthly and annual bill savings.
  • Provides potential carbon savings and environmental impact from the customer’s energy use.
  • Details the impact on Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating and how the customer can improve it.

How it works


Simple to use and powered by our market leading calculation engine, the online tool works by asking a few questions about a customer’s home. It then uses our extensive reference data to fill in the gaps and model all possible combinations. This results in a tailored action plan, identifying the most cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable investment solutions and energy saving advice.

See what the Home Energy Efficiency Tool can do for you

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Last updated: 3 May 2024