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UK Electric Bike Centre
Case study

eCargo bikes at UK Electric Bike Centre

UK Electric Bike Centre started offering electric bikes for customers to use on its tours and went on to sell them too.


Founded in 2013, UK Electric Bike Centre is an electric bike (e-bike) shop providing sales, repairs and services as well as bike hire and tour options. It offers self-guided and guided tours of the areas in and around Kent, partnering with a variety of attractions such as vineyards, castles, breweries and pubs.  

It also has a team trained to handle repairs and maintenance, including reconditioning batteries and troubleshooting electrical issues, for all types of e-bikes. 


UK Electric Bike Centre aims to provide its customers with the best products and services. The owner, Marcus Van Der Gaag, saw the potential of ecargo bikes and decided to offer them for sale and use them on the company’s bike tours. “They’re getting more and more popular for businesses and families”, he said. 

UK Electric Bike Centre successfully applied to the eCargo Bike Grant Fund scheme and was awarded £604.21. With this funding, the company bought a Centaur Cargo PW-SE 2019 Composite 350L eCargo bike. 

Buying the ecargo bike has allowed UK Electric Bike Centre to expand its product range and better meet the needs of its customers. The company’s confident that the demand for ecargo bikes will continue to grow and is well-positioned to take advantage of this trend. 


Since receiving the eCargo Bike Grant Fund, UK Electric Bike Centre has seen an increase in daily sales. Marcus credits this success to being able to offer customers to trial the ecargo bikes on tours and offer them for sale. “The cargo bike gave us a new market that we had never had,” he said. “Our new, children’s cargo bike has proven to be a particularly popular choice among customers.” 

They are now the largest e-bike stockists in Kent.

Visitors on ebike tour at UK Electric Bike Centre

Last updated: 22 March 2023