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Case study


Eon is an energy provider who provide gas and electricity to around 3.8 million customers in the UK.


Eon were keen to understand how to market the Warm Homes Discount Scheme to customers in areas with high fuel poverty. This scheme is designed to support low-income households with up to £140 off their electricity costs.

To achieve this, Eon needed to understand the property characteristics of households which were more likely to be low-income or suffering from fuel poverty and locate them within key areas within the UK.


Eon contacted Energy Saving Trust for domestic housing data to help shape their marketing strategy.

“The opportunity arose around domestic housing data which Energy Saving Trust could pull together to help shape our campaign. We thought working with Energy Saving Trust was great. We would recommend to other companies that if they don’t have the right tools, Energy Saving Trust could certainly help.”

Nathan Carr, Senior Project Manager at EON

Home Analytics has been used by governments, local authorities, housing associations and commercial businesses to assist them in developing, targeting and delivering their schemes, programmes and products. Modelled across various data sets, Home Analytics provides property characteristics from specific address level detail to the whole of Great Britain, pre-filtered to suit Eon’s objectives.

For residential properties, there are over 100 fields of known and modelled information for each property. Some of the modelled home characteristics include

  • wall type
  • main fuel supply
  • boiler type
  • suitability for renewable energy solutions
  • property tenure and age
  • fuel poverty indicators
  • eligibility for grants


With geographic data about areas which could benefit from Warm Homes Discount Scheme. Eon wanted the data to be anonymous to comply with privacy regulations. Home Analytics proved to be a quick and efficient way for them to understand and identify the ideal housing stock for their campaign to target and engage customers likely to need their support.

Last updated: 23 April 2024