How a swappable battery is improving accessibility to electric vehicles

10 November 2021

On Wednesday 10 November, discussions at COP26 are expected to kickstart the mass market for zero emission vehicles.

Gender, race and climate: empowering minorities in the transition to net zero

9 November 2021

While minorities, including women and girls, are disproportionately impacted by the climate emergency, they are also critical agents in climate action.

Enhancing access to renewable energy for women

9 November 2021

Empowering women to work in the off-grid appliance sectors can help improve gender equality in energy access.

Adapting to higher temperatures in off-grid Pakistan

8 November 2021

Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund awardee Harness Energy has developed a highly efficient solar-powered fan for use in rural Pakistan.

The power of sport to address the climate crisis

5 November 2021

Sky Sports News presenter Mike Wedderburn and a panel of guests talked about the role of sport in helping to reduce global…

What can I do to help stop climate change?

5 November 2021

Do you ever wonder what you can do as an individual to help stop climate change? Reducing your carbon footprint is a…

Developing a pipeline of skills for the energy access sector

5 November 2021

At Energy Saving Trust, we understand the importance of developing a pipeline of skills for energy access and are helping to support…

Engaging youth with the climate emergency at COP26 and beyond

5 November 2021

On Friday 5 November, COP26 delegates will focus on youth and public empowerment, demonstrating the critical role of educating these groups to…

Net zero Wales: the community energy opportunity

4 November 2021

The Zero 2050 report considers several scenarios and technologies that could help in decarbonising the energy system in South Wales.

How can renewable energy help the UK reach net zero?

4 November 2021

To reach net zero emissions by 2050, one of the main areas we need to cut emissions is from generating electricity.