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Helping businesses and organisations

Whether you’re a business, organisation, landlord or social housing provider, if you’re based in Scotland our free expert advice, support and funding could help your organisation, staff and clients save energy, lower costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Partnerships to support your clients or staff

Employee engagement

Our free, interactive employee engagement programmes can help your staff lower their household energy bills, increase their wellbeing by living in warmer homes and reduce their environmental impact.


Are you looking to reduce your transport costs and improve your carbon footprint?

Our business transport advice and support services can help you save money on fuel, meet carbon reduction commitments, and engage your employees on sustainable travel choices. 

Sustainable energy supply chain

Are you looking for support as part of the sustainable energy supply chain?

Our Sustainable energy supply chain programme can help you maximise participation in the supply chain and benefit from UK and Scottish Government support schemes.

Landlords and social housing providers

Are you a landlord or social housing provider looking to improve the energy efficiency your properties?

Our webpages on support for private sector landlords and support for social housing providers provide details of what support and funding is on offer to help.

Help with planning, delivery and reporting on projects

Would you benefit from data to help you deliver your projects?

If you work for a local authority, university, not-profit organisation or community group, our range of data services could help you plan, deliver and report on your energy efficiency or fuel poverty reduction projects.

Support for improving your business or organisation

Find out what financial support is on offer to help you improve the energy efficiency of your business or organisation.