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Hear the latest Scottish and EST transport news and updates

Our expert and independent advice can help employers reduce business transport costs and lower emissions, helping to meet carbon reduction commitments. 

Are you looking to lower costs and emissions? 

  • On average, our Sustainable Transport Review helped to identify annual savings of over £16,000. 
  • Do you know how much your business spends on grey fleet? A Grey Fleet Review can help you address the high costs and reduce risk associated with grey fleet. 

Could electric vehicles help you save on costs?

  • Find out more about the benefits of switching to electric (including financial and tax incentives) and whether they’re right for your organisation. 

Are you buying new vehicles or upgrading your fleet?

Are you engaging with employees about sustainable travel choices?

Want a more active, healthy and productive workforce? Visit the new Way to Work website to find active and sustainable transport solutions for your workplace. Find funding, training and support available to help your staff travel sustainably.

The following steps could help your organisation reduce costs and emissions, as well as increasing staff productivity and health:

  • Raise awareness of the benefits of walking and cycling
  • Be flexible about employee start and finish times
  • Allow home working where possible
  • Recommend the use of cycle couriers for light, local deliveries
  • Consider transport links when choosing venues for meetings 
  • Promote car sharing
  • Provide information on fuel efficient driving

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