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Field trials

Our field trial services evaluate a product’s performance in-situ and the customer experience.

We can be involved from the design stage all the way through to market – monitoring and evaluating every step of the way.

Making sure your new products will be well-received by consumers is an important part of the research stage in any product strategy.

As part of our research and innovation expertise, we can test and evaluate the performance of new products out in the real world, gathering consumer attitudes towards the technology before you launch to the general public.

We offer our full expertise anywhere from initial concept all the way to market-ready stages. Our field trail service involves in-situ monitoring of 10-15+ homes. Depending on the sample size, we can generate datasets to facilitate a robust evaluation of product performance in a variety of building types and consumer groups.

Why choose Energy Saving Trust?

  • we have over 15 years’ experience running field trials on behalf of industry, government and commercial businesses across a range of technologies including insulation, heating, renewables and lighting
  • we have the in-house expertise to deliver an integrated and coordinated approach
  • using our research and analytical skills, we apply data-driven analysis to real-world situations ensuring that quality assurance underpins the work we do
  • we have been engaging with consumers for over 25 years and are dedicated to providing impartial and trusted advice

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Last updated: 30 March 2021