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Hill + Knowlton / Smart Energy GB
Case study

Hill and Knowlton / Smart Energy GB

Hill + Knowlton Strategies developed a communications campaign for Smart Energy GB to provide information on various energy topics.


Hill + Knowlton Strategies is a global communications company with expertise in owned, earned and shared media communication campaigns.


Hill + Knowlton Strategies was developing a communications campaign for its client, Smart Energy GB, which aimed to provide the public with information related to various energy topics, including an explanation of how smart meters could benefit them, in simple and effective terminology.

Smart Energy GB is a government-backed organisation tasked with informing energy consumers within Great Britain about the benefits of smart meters and how to use them to become cleaner and greener with their energy use.

Hill + Knowlton Strategies got in touch with Energy Saving Trust to help with the campaign. Our experts would be able to provide evidence for the communications campaign about domestic household energy use and the benefits of smart meters.


Through in-depth primary and secondary research, our insight and analytics team was able to provide the exact calculations needed to produce consumer-ready statements for use within PR campaigns. The research and insights were produced for both business and domestic energy consumers and were used within multiple public-facing PR and communication campaigns created by Hill + Knowlton Strategies. These campaigns focused on:

  • energy efficiency
  • home schooling
  • small business energy use
  • energy efficient home improvements
  • use of coal in our energy systems

The production of tailored and accurate energy statistics were also combined with consumer research regarding attitudes towards other energy topics, creating a comprehensive report that could be used for future informational campaigns.

“Energy Saving Trust’s input was timely, within budget and did what we needed it to do. This was particularly important given that we are often tasked with turning campaigns around with short notice.” Heather Bull, project manager Hill + Knowlton Strategies


To date, Energy Saving Trust has carried out six projects for Hill + Knowlton Strategies and Smart Energy GB. Each of these insight and analytics projects have resulted in a bespoke PR campaign in which Energy Saving Trust’s research and statistics have been used to support the campaign messaging, which informs and educates energy consumers and businesses on various energy topics.

Smart Energy GB’s Missing Piece campaign, for example, compared the lack of coverage in mainstream media on energy efficiency against the benefits of a wider adoption of energy efficiency measures, including the uptake of smart meters.

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Last updated: 7 May 2024