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RGM Heating Ltd: Becoming a TrustMark-registered business
Case study

RGM Heating Ltd: becoming a TrustMark-registered business

Graeme Robertson, Director of RGM Heating Ltd shares why he became TrustMark-registered. He also discusses his experiences of the process and the benefits TrustMark has brought to the business.

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Three installers stand in front of RGM Heating Ltd van

To address climate change, the Scottish Government has committed to a target of net zero emissions by 2045. To meet this goal, improving the energy efficiency of homes in Scotland is crucial. This involves adopting sustainable heat sources such as heat pumps and installing energy efficiency measures such as insulation.

As a result, there’s a growing demand for reputable businesses capable of delivering reliable and high-quality services. Becoming a TrustMark-registered business has become an indicator of trustworthiness and excellence among tradespeople. TrustMark registration is also a requirement for installers under the Home Energy Scotland Grant and Loan scheme.

TrustMark aims to help consumers make energy efficient enhancements to their homes while ensuring they have reliable protection when making these decisions.

Installer installing insulation wearing hat, protective eyewear and face mask


RGM Heating Ltd was founded by Graeme Robertson and Alasdair Graeme and is now in its fourth year of operations. They specialise in installing new boilers, boiler services and basic plumbing, and have recently begun installing insulation. Graeme advocates for the benefits of insulation from saving energy to reducing bills, with grants from Home Energy Scotland making it an attractive choice. He explained:

“It’s the way the world’s going – insulation is a great way to save energy and save money on your bills. And with the grant, it’s a no-brainer that people should get it.”

To cope with rising demand, RGM Heating Ltd has expanded its workforce by hiring two new full-time staff and subcontractors specifically for insulation-related projects. Graeme said:

“Installing insulation increases the workload and the services we can offer, so we’re more appealing to customers who want a wider range of services. We can take on more people while keeping the diary full.”

Installer looking in van

TrustMark registration and compliance

Driven by the desire to participate in the Warmer Homes Scotland programme with Warmworks and obtain the underfloor insulation grant, RGM Heating Ltd recently obtained TrustMark registration. The registration process required specific skills and qualifications, including NVQ Level 2 for loft insulation and compliance with PAS2030. Graeme found the process of undergoing TrustMark certification relatively straightforward. He said:

“It could have been trickier but there was a lot of support. The process was quite straightforward so it should be easy enough to go through it again.”

The company views TrustMark registration as a stamp of approval, marking them out from competitors and instilling confidence in customers. Graeme believes it gives them a competitive edge, contributing to winning contracts over non TrustMark-registered competitors.

RGM Heating Ltd considers TrustMark registration a worthwhile investment, suggesting that the costs are justified by the credibility and potential to offer a premium service to customers. The company encourages aspiring installers to take advantage of available resources when going through the registration process.

When investing in upskilling, Graeme emphasises the importance of having knowledgeable employees who can answer customer queries and contribute to the company’s overall improvement.


RGM Heating Ltd acknowledges challenges in the industry, such as the presence of unreliable companies and the uncertainty of funding available. The company suggests implementing more streamlined systems for publicly funded programmes, and that concerns over the continuity of funded work streams are addressed.

Insulation material rolled and packaged


The journey of RGM Heating Ltd highlights the positive impact of TrustMark registration on a growing business. Becoming a TrustMark-registered business is valuable, differentiating RGM Heating Ltd from its competitors, instilling customer confidence, and aiding in securing contracts. Their experiences not only highlight the advantages of TrustMark registration but also offer valuable perspectives for a more sustainable future.

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Last updated: 7 May 2024