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Please note that this page contains information and links most relevant for people living in Scotland.

The ebike loan is closed

  • If you're interested in being contacted if the loan reopens next year, you can register your interest using the form below.

About the new and used ebike loan

The popularity of ebikes, or pedal assisted electric bikes, has been growing year on year. They’re a great alternative to conventional bikes, especially if your route includes hills, is more than five miles long or you need an extra boost on the road.

If you’re considering a new or used ebike and you live in Scotland, an exciting funding opportunity is available through Energy Saving Trust. We offer an interest-free loan for individuals, repayable over four years. The loan is funded by Transport Scotland and can help you purchase: 

  • Up to 2 x new ebikes capped at £3,000 each 
  • Up to 2 x used ebikes capped at £2,000 each 
  • 1 x new family cargo or ecargo bike capped at £6,000 
  • 1 x used family cargo or ecargo bike capped at £4,000 
  • 1 x new or used adapted cycle (value assessed on a case-by-case basis) 

An ebike is an electric assisted pedal cycle, usually two-wheeled, whereas a cargo or ecargo bike is specially designed to carry a load. An adapted or electric adapted cycle is specifically designed to meet the mobility needs of the rider; the cycle can be of standardised design and include tricycles, recumbents or hand-cycles. 

How to register interest

If you would like to register your interest in the ebike loan should funding reopen next year, simply add your details to the form below.

Register of Interest Form

Eligibility criteria

It’s important that you read the loan eligibility criteria. This document gives full details of what the loan can cover and who is eligible to apply.   

You’ll need the following when you apply: 

  • your address history – we’ll need at least six years of address history. 
  • your income information – we’ll need to ensure you can afford repayments. 
  • your confirmation that you won’t purchase the ebike(s) before receiving a loan offer. If you do make a purchase before getting an offer, we won’t be able to accept your application.
  • your confirmation that you’ll purchase the ebike(s) from a traditional bike retailer, or a bike supplier operating solely online with an up-to-date online presence. eBikes purchased person-to-person are not eligible. 

What happens after you apply?

Here is a quick outline of your application journey:

  • You submit your application
  • We aim to provide you with a response within 10 working days. This could be a request for further information, which can delay your next steps
  • You have a loan offer and accept this within 14 days
  • You submit all claim documents. Any missing information will be queried, which can delay you receiving payment
  • We aim to process your claim documents, within 15 working days
  • You’ll receive your funding within 3-5 working days

The National Cycle Database BikeRegister

You may want to consider signing up for BikeRegister, a registration scheme that helps deter bike theft and recover stolen bikes to their rightful owners. The scheme utilises a tamper-proof security label that warns potential thieves through visual deterrent that the bike is registered.

The database is used by all UK police to recover stolen bikes and the service has a free companion called ‘BikeChecker’ to locate missing bikes that have been listed online. Visit the website for more information.


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Last updated: 25 January 2024