Energy Saving Trust leadership statement on our Covid-19 response

17 March 2020

The spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) brings challenges for us all but Energy Saving Trust remains focused on our mission to address the…

2020-2029: a decade for action on climate #ForPeopleForPlanet

8 January 2020

We’ve made progress over the last decade but we need to scale up our activity if we’re to meet the target date…

Energy Saving Trust: our view to 2030 for England

4 December 2019

Over the past decade, the UK has been successfully transforming its power sector through a mix of policy and market-based measures.

Energy Saving Trust report provides insight into ambitious home energy programmes in Scotland

29 October 2019

The report aims to give stakeholders and policy makers inside and outside Scotland a clear picture of the range of Scotland’s home…

Response to the Fuel Poverty Strategy consultation 2019

11 September 2019

We support the Fuel Poverty Strategy, with its 2030 target of EPC “C” for homes occupied by fuel poor households.

House of Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology clean growth report – our response

22 August 2019

The report makes several positive recommendations that Energy Saving Trust recommends the Government consider.

Fuel poverty policy in Wales: taking inspiration from Scotland

7 August 2019

We explore priorities for Wales’s fuel poverty strategy and present some thoughts about what Wales could learn from Scotland.

‘Better Homes, Better Wales, Better World’ report – our response

18 July 2019

A new report, ‘Better Homes, Better Wales, Better World’, calls for major changes to most homes in the country, over the next…

BEIS Select Committee on energy efficiency inquiry report 2019 – our response

11 July 2019

Energy Saving Trust warmly welcomes the report from the BEIS Select Committee’s inquiry into energy efficiency.

Committee on Climate Change 2019 Progress Report – our response

10 July 2019

While we continue to make progress in reducing emissions from power generation, the UK is not acting fast enough to cut overall…