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How we’re run


Energy Saving Trust Limited is a company limited by guarantee, without share capital registered in England and Wales (company number 02622374). This ensures that our profits are retained for investment in our overall objectives.

Our registered address is 223-231 Pentonville Road, London, England, N1 9NG. VAT reference 123 383 827


Energy Saving Trust provides independent, impartial advice and programme management to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

We deliver programmes, consultancy advice and expertise through dedicated teams of specialists.

Advice: large scale programmes of impartial advice

Energy Saving Trust delivers high quality, customer-focused, energy advice services at a national and local level for a range of clients, including government and the private sector.

Our services provide impartial, expert, personally tailored advice to more than 100,000 households a year, of all demographics, to help them reduce their carbon emissions, cut their fuel bills and improve their comfort levels.

The information we provide includes advice on energy efficiency, affordable warmth, renewables, sustainable transport and water efficiency covering both measures and behaviours. We deliver advice by phone, email and face to face at events including community group meetings, as well as in outreach situations such as in hospitals and in the home.

Customer satisfaction with our largest service, Home Energy Scotland, was 97% in 2020-21 and our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 69, which is considered ‘excellent’. The Welsh Government Nest scheme, managed by British Gas with the phone line delivered by Energy Saving Trust, has a customer satisfaction of 92% and an NPS of 61, which is also considered ‘excellent’.

Energy Saving Trust is also accredited to CCA Global Standard©, a globally recognised framework that assesses the reliability and effectiveness of customer service operations.

Commercially, we support energy suppliers and others to provide energy efficiency advice to their customers – ensuring our energy saving message reaches the widest possible audience.

Services delivery: helping householders take action

Energy Saving Trust administers several loan and grant schemes on behalf of the UK Government and Scottish Government, offering financial support to both individuals and organisations to help them save carbon.

Our services delivery team processes loans and grants for more than 5,000 customers a year, including interest-free loans for electric vehicles and low carbon heating in Scotland.

The team ensures that due diligence is undertaken for each application, following the terms and conditions agreed with the funder of each scheme. We have agreed targets for processing times with each funder to ensure that customers receive their offer and payment within a set timescale.

Renewable energy: programmes of support for renewable energy solutions

Energy Saving Trust provides expert analysis and independent, impartial support on renewable energy systems and their integration into wider energy systems to help meet net zero targets.

With in-house expertise on everything from domestic solar panels and heat pumps to local area heat networks, we provide commercial, technical and strategic advice on renewables and storage to national and local government, businesses, community groups and individuals in the UK and Europe.

We deliver large programmes on behalf of devolved UK governments. Our team directly supports individuals, groups, businesses and local authorities to install and operate the best renewable energy generating systems for their specific needs. We complement this direct support with up to date online advice and information, including:

  • Digital tools to calculate which systems may be suitable.
  • Financial support available.
  • Project guidance toolkits which provide end to end guidance.
  • A certified installer search tool and domestic case study search tool (Scotland only).

We help to build the capabilities and confidence of individuals and communities to take charge of projects, including sourcing financial support.

We also manage large databases of renewable installations on behalf of the Scottish Government and both lead and partner on renewables research and trials.

Transport: speeding the transition to low carbon transport solutions

Energy Saving Trust delivers a range of programmes aimed at improving air quality and decarbonising transport in the UK. This includes support and advice for organisations, local authorities and consumers, funded by the UK and devolved governments. We are also involved in technology demonstration projects to help accelerate solutions for decarbonisation.

In England and Wales, this includes:

  • Recommending ways that businesses and public sector organisations can strategically reduce mileage, fuel use and carbon emissions, including through zero emission vehicles.
  • Advising local authorities on charging infrastructure, taxi licensing and sustainable travel plans.
  • Providing advice and support on electric vehicles and fuel-efficient driving.
  • Approving technologies to retrofit buses, coaches and construction machinery to reduce emissions.
  • Delivering grant programmes to encourage the uptake of active travel.

In Scotland, this includes:

  • Administering grants and loans available to both consumers and businesses wishing to install charging infrastructure and purchase ultra-low emission vehicles.
  • Providing inclusive sustainable and active travel advice across all consumer groups and organisations and promoting the sustainable transport hierarchy whenever possible.
  • Delivering technical consultancy reports to organisations and local authorities to futureproof their charging infrastructure.

Business products and services: certification, accreditation and field trials of technologies, consultancy and data analysis

Energy Saving Trust understands how consumers use energy. We’ve been providing independent and trusted energy saving advice for over 25 years. We use our unique combined consumer and energy insight to provide communication, certification, accreditation, consultancy and data analysis services.

Our in-house expertise spans primary and secondary qualitative and quantitative research, modelling and analysis; evaluation and impact assessment; domestic product certification, eco-design and labelling; smart metering; consumer and stakeholder engagement across energy and water.

In addition to being subject matter experts in energy efficiency and retrofit from a technical and consumer communication perspective, a sound understanding of the relevant policy landscape supports all our work.

Data and insight consultancy

Our Insight and Analytics team conducts a broad range of research and analytical projects for both government and business clients. We continually update our facts and figures, giving us fresh insight into energy use, attitudes and behaviours. We draw on the latest research, evidence and compelling analysis to enhance our in-house expertise.

Research and evaluation

We conduct innovative research and analytical projects for government, public sector and business clients. This includes primary and secondary qualitative and quantitative research, such as literature reviews and stakeholder interviews, quantitative modelling and modelling of energy demand, data analytics and the collection and analysis of big data.

Energy Saving Trust also undertakes post-project evaluations and impact assessment. We have considerable experience of analysing large quantities of qualitative data. Our skill sets include counterfactual impact evaluation, randomised evaluation design and analysis, evaluating impacts on behaviour change and quasi-experimental methods.

Policies and regulations

Last updated: 10 July 2024