Ten innovative projects funded by the Green Economy Fund

12 March 2020

The Green Economy Fund has supported over 33 innovative projects across Scotland so far. We round up 10 of the latest.

On the path to net zero: low carbon heating

10 March 2020

We will only reach net zero emissions if we stop heating our homes with fossil fuels like natural gas and oil, which…

On the path to net zero: an overview

5 March 2020

We’ve all heard about a ‘net zero’ target for cutting the carbon emissions that cause climate change. But what does ‘net zero’…

Wales: working towards a sustainable future

27 February 2020

Wales sits proudly atop the table in the UK as the leading household recycling nation and was the first to introduce a…

How sustainable are drones?

25 February 2020

Drones – or unmanned aerial vehicles – offer a new way of seeing and interacting with the world we live in. But…

Electric vs hybrid vehicles: which one would work for you?

19 February 2020

We take a look at the two most common plug-in options – plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles – to see which…

Concerted Action Joint Workshop and the ride to Barcelona

13 February 2020

Energy Saving Trust staff travelled by train to Barcelona to attend a workshop between three Concerted Actions for EU energy directives.

What’s happening with the Renewable Heat Initiative?

11 February 2020

The Renewable Heat Incentive is part of the drive to reduce UK emissions, which are currently 42% lower than 1990 levels.

Balancing the grid with smart meters

4 February 2020

With UK renewables setting new supply records, balancing the national grid is a pressing issue with a simple solution – smart meters.

Could you generate your own renewable energy?

28 January 2020

It’s totally possible to generate your own energy from renewables at home. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.