Rollercoasters with a green twist

23 January 2020

Over 250 million people visited a theme park in 2018. It’s not only the rides that are hair raising - their environmental…

Big Energy Saving Week 2020

20 January 2020

January is traditionally a tough month when it comes to energy bills, with many people having to make difficult choices about their…

Cornwall’s keeping it local with green energy revolution

7 January 2020

Cornwall is one of Britain’s leading counties when it comes to the burgeoning green economy. It's a perfect place for wind and…

2020 a new decade: ten years of progress

2 January 2020

As we start a new decade, it’s clearer than ever that we’re running out of time. We need to take action to…

Connecting energy issues across the world

17 December 2019

Good international connections bring the opportunity to share experiences and a greater chance that someone, somewhere will have faced similar challenges –…

Water labelling: every drop counts

13 December 2019

The average home in the UK uses around 330 litres of water every day – that’s 140 litres for every person, with…

Scotland – leading the way in energy efficiency

25 November 2019

Scotland leads the way when it comes to green energy. It regularly outperforms the rest of the UK when it comes to slashing…

Is home energy storage right for me?

22 November 2019

We’re starting to see energy storage playing a role in smart energy management at grid level. Find out how energy storage could…

Energy Saving Trust Sustainability Week 2019

19 November 2019

Sustainability Group members organised events to inspire staff members to consider how they can make their lives more eco-friendly.

Significant changes are coming to the UK heating market

12 November 2019

Household emissions from heating and hot water must reduce by 95% to reach 2050 net zero targets.