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Northern Irish programmes

We deliver a range of programmes across the UK, Europe and internationally. Our current programmes in Northern Ireland include:

Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Programme

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In Northern Ireland, Energy Saving Trust is the programme administrator, on behalf of the Utility Regulator, of the Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Programme (NISEP).  This is an £8 million fund which is collected from all electricity customers (both domestic and commercial) through a Public Service Obligation (PSO) and it is used to provide funding for energy efficiency schemes across Northern Ireland.

The majority of the funding (80%) has been targeted at vulnerable customers.  All schemes run on a financial year basis and there are currently 17 domestic schemes, which help householders install new energy efficient heating systems, cavity wall insulation and loft insulation, and six commercial schemes helping businesses install carbon savings technologies, such as variable speed drives, intelligent heating controls and LED lighting.

There is also an Innovative Category and funding has been allocated in 2020/21 to a commercial heat pump scheme, as well as a housing association scheme converting old E7 to high heat retention storage heaters.

Energy Saving Trust is responsible for:

  • General administration and review of NISEP
  • Registration of primary bidders
  • Review and updating of the NISEP framework document
  • Processing payment claims for all schemes
  • Evaluation and monitoring of schemes
  • Maintaining records, auditing and reporting

You can download the full list of schemes for 2020/21, or check the Utility Regulator website for more information.